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At Family Wellness Chiropractic we are proud of the fact that we have been providing chiropractic care to the Sunshine Coast families for 20 years.  

We believe that every person in our community deserves to fullfil their potential for health and wellbeing.  

Our practice cares for everyone from kids to seniors, and in some cases, we have families of multiple generations come into see us!

Please take the time to browse our website and meet our team.. they are a friendly bunch!  

You’ll also find out about the services we offer and the techniques we use.

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I was first exposed to chiropractic as a 12 year old experiencing assorted health issues around severe knee pain. After seeing a chiropractor, I became interested in how spinal dysfunction in one part of my body (my lower back) could affect another part of my body (my knee). My chiropractor explained to me that spinal dysfunction in my lower back was affecting knee function. 

After completing a Science and Arts Degree in Anatomy and Physiology at University of Qld, I completed my chiropractic studies at Macquarie University in Sydney in 1997. I began working as an associate chiropractor on the Sunshine Coast in 1998 and eventually established Family Wellness Chiropractic in 2003. My mission is to help as many families to benefit from chiropractic as possible…so that they may grow to their full potential.

I’m Dr Angela Parkinson, the newest Chiropractor to join the Family Wellness Team.
I graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters in Chiropractic. 
I approach each patient individually by offering the most uniquely individualized and professional care available. To promote the well-being of all patients, while helping each to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life.
I am also new to the Sunshine Coast and am looking forward to exploring the place and getting to know all of the clients and their families.

I have been a team member at FWC for over four years and love caring for all of the amazing patients that come through the door.  

I have been practicing part time for the past 3.5 years after having my first daughter annabelle in 2013 closely followed by charlotte in 2014. I am passionate about the health of my family, friends and the community.

I believe that health begins at home and I am here to guide you on your health journey. I believe everyone can  benefit from chriopractic care, from newborns to grandparents and even the family pet!

I started Chiropractic College 6 months after my first adjustment.  I graduated in 2005 from The NZ College of Chiropractic and have since gone on to study many modalities and topics. 

I have looked after families on the Sunshine Coast for many years now and love watching them grow and thrive. 

I love working with mothers and helping them experience wellbeing and health post-natally.

Chiropractic Assistants

Hi, My name is Heather, i have recently joined the team here at Family Wellness Mountain Creek as a Chiropractic Assistant and the Team Support Officer. I love the team and our clients who like myself, are passionate about Health and Wellness .

I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 17 years and have 2 beautiful children. This is where my passion for Health really took off, wanting these two precious people to live the healthiest, happiest life possible. I am also a Personal Trainer as well so feel this role really supports my belief in a strong, fit and functioning body in all stages of your life!

My name is Kaylla and I’m a proud employee of Family wellness for 5 years.  I have two energetic boys who keep me very busy.

I Believe wholeheartedly about the Chiropractic Care that we provide in the clinic.  My passion in the clinic is Pregnancy and babies, and I love to see how far people come once starting treatment

Health, Happiness & Family  :) Kaylla x

Hi I’m Bec,

I have been working with Family wellness Mountain Creek for about two years and I have been visiting Family Wellness Chiropractic with my family since 2005.  

Dr Gray Moritz and the team have played a huge part in our family’s health and well-being.

Hi, I am Paige, I am the newest team member here with the Family Wellness Crew. I have worked as a Chiropractic assistant for a while now and enjoy seeing the health benefits that chiropractic clients experience.

I am also a qualified Naturopath with a passion for health and wellness and i just love supporting and encouraging people to live a healthier, happier lives.

Hi, I’m Caitlin!  I was introduced to Chiropractic as kid and have been under regular care ever since.

I have worked in many chiropractic offices and love the atmosphere, energy and fun that both patients and colleagues have when working together. 

I have just started a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and am looking forward to broadening my knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. I am the clinic’s ‘Essential Oil Queen’ and love sharing my passion of using therapeutic essential oils to enhance each day! 

I believe that I will always be involved with the natural healthy lifestyle that Chiropractic provides.

Other Therapists

Acupuncture &
Chinese Medicine

I have been studying Oriental Medicine and Health from 18 years of age. I believe Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are fundamentally Holistic Health Practices. They yield specific and indirect positive outcomes. Hence, Acupuncture has ‘side benefits’. Chinese Medical theory is old. It has been thoroughly explored and experienced in China for thousands of years. Now there is also a strong base of Scientific Evidence for its effectiveness in Modern Research.

I Love Health and it is my dream to work with people to help them achieve their health goals, whether they be support during significant health challenges, getting more energy to get out of bed in the morning, improved digestion, stress reduction or just general wellbeing. Chinese Medicine can be a great support.

I personally have a young family with two kids and I know first-hand how improving the health of a family member can improve health and relationships of the family as a whole.

Over the last 15 years I have been lucky to learn Massage, Martial Arts and Stretching based health exercises. I use my knowledge of health to provide lifestyle advice to clients. I work with patients to back up their treatments with simple practical lifestyle changes that can be fun.

My treatments involve Chinese Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage, cupping and lifestyle education. I use fine needles and aim to consistently provide pain free Acupuncture treatments.


“I’m particularly passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families in the context of prevention and treatment of mental health issues and behavioural difficulties.  I place an emphasis on helping each individual move towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life whilst proving them with skills to work through difficulties, and I value a non-judgemental, open and honest relationship with my clients to achieve good outcomes”   

Kerri has a long history of supporting children and families affected by mental health, disabilities and trauma and attachment issues.  She is trained in Family Therapy, Circle of Security Parenting Program, Triple P Parenting and Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Kerri’s interests also include working with parents and families with stress and anxiety relating to parenting concerns, relationship difficulties and family conflict.  She also enjoys working with adults experiencing stress, anger, anxiety and depression and social and interpersonal difficulties. Kerri has 11 years professional experience as a Psychologist and is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.


“As a qualified Naturopath, I have a passion for evidence-based medicine and helping people achieve and sustain optimal health and wellbeing.  My love and passion for nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle and educating and empowering others to do the same, is what motivates me to continue to learn and grow as a practitioner. 

I studied for 4 years to obtain a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy and am incredibly passionate about holistic health, fitness and wellbeing.  Throughout my consultations, a holistic approach is taken which factors in every aspect of your current and previous health, habits and lifestyle, and how they are all intertwined. Using pathology and functional testing along with evidence-based research and treatment methods, I endeavour to uncover the root cause of your health issues. Treatment methods include herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, lifestyle advice and food as medicine.” 

Holistic Practitioner

“I am passionate about the body’s ability to heal through its own energetic system. Feeling a little off-balance or wanting to understand what your body is trying to tell you?

I can bring awareness to the relationship between our thoughts and our physical body and help to rebalance your system to function better with the stresses that life presents.  I can also offer appointments with the Biofeedback EDUCTOR Device.”