5 Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes to Make You Drool

We asked our team where their favourite healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes are.  We then rounded their answers up into this top 5 post.  

Here are our top picks for Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes and why we love them. 

5 Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes selling natural, raw, organic, vegan and vegetarian food.

If you know our team, you would know that a few of us have a sweet tooth, so yes, we have you covered for healthy (and yummy) treats. Just because it’s “healthy” doesn’t mean it has to taste bad, right?

We’ve included cafes that serve up organic and gluten free options. Most of them have raw options too.  As long as they sell delicious, real, whole food, with natural ingredients … then they can make this list!

Let’s jump into our Top 5 Picks for Healthy Cafes on the Sunshine Coast.

(oh and we’ve included some embedded images from their Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow them there).

5 Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes you Can’t Miss! 

1  CK WholeFoods

On any given day of the week, someone in our practice is bringing in healthy food (or coffee) from CK’s.  Drool.

Check out the deliciousness from their instagram account:

What we love about CK Wholefoods  is this:

  • The range of raw, organic and fresh meals and treats
  • Fabulous coffee (some of the best on the coast)
  • Spacious seating – the place has a great feel and a cruisy, casual vibe so it’s a nice cafe to spend some time drinking coffee and chatting with friends. It was also the place Dr Gray met his wife, Donna! It was a nightclub and bar back then, but he thinks that fun fact is exactly why the coffee tastes so good.
  • A huge range of food options- they do all day breakfast and lunch and have a range of juices, smoothies, and all things Kombucha!
  • Lots of lunch, snacks and treats… you can enjoy them knowing they are good for you!

The bonus is that CK Wholefoods is not that far from our practice so it tops the list of our Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes.  It’s just close enough for us to do a coffee run!

2  Cafe Nurcha

Our next pick is Cafe Nurcha at The Coastal Wellbeing Centre in Maroochydore. They have an extensive vegan menu and so many savoury and sweet treats!  

If you are looking for awesome smoothies, juices and meals then look no further than Cafe Nurcha!

Oh and they have a range of vegan groceries too in case you want to take something home to cook.  But do yourself a favour and let them cook for you!  They are good at it.  

Check out Cafe Nurcha on Instagram below and click through to follow them:

Everything at Nurcha is just so gorgeous. And now they even do Uber Eats so you can get your food delivered with Uber!

Cant BEET a good choc-BEET! …Or dad joke apparently 😝😂

A post shared by Cafe Nurcha (@cafenurcha) on

3  Kunara Cafe

The Kunara Organic Marketplace has remained one of the most popular healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes for years now. 

They make healthy, natural foods – from breakfast to lunch – and great coffee and desserts.  Their cafe is certified organic and they cater for gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.

Let’s let their instagram images do the talking:

@devinebodies_pressedjuice have their lunch covered at Kunara! Who said being healthy wasn’t fun (and extremely tasty!) Thanks for visiting guys 🍃😘

A post shared by Kunara Organic Marketplace (@kunara_organic_marketplace) on

And they do takeaway too!

Mondayitus? our cafe has you covered! With plenty of nutritious salads and delicious food! Take away and relax in our lovely cafe ❤️

A post shared by Kunara Organic Marketplace (@kunara_organic_marketplace) on

4 Raw Energy at Peregian Beach

If you want to take a drive and visit the beaches up north, then we highly recommend Raw Energy in Peregian. It’s one of our favourite Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes. 

We know there are Raw Energy franchises closer to our practice, but the Peregian location is a clear winner because they have one important thing going for them. 

Awesome gluten free pancakes. 

Dr Gray’s kids agree that this fact alone, makes the Peregian site stand out the most!

Oh and they do a pretty mean corn fritters with eggs, bacon and avocado too.  

Speaking of pancakes….

And this one is for Dr Gray who loves gluten free carrot cake:

Damn good GF carrot cakes! 🥕🥕🥕 #iwastoldtheredbecake #glutenfree #yummy #cake #happy #love #ilovecake #peregianbeach #peregian 🌸

A post shared by Raw Energy 🌴Peregian Beach (@rawenergyperegian) on

Follow Raw Energy Peregian on Instagram and you won’t be able to resist the drive to Peregian Beach in order to indulge in their cafe!

5  Evolution Fuel

This little cafe in the Homemaker Centre in Maroochydore is a treat!  Be sure to check out Evolution Fuel as it is fast becoming recognised as one of the best healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes.  

They have a good range of gluten free and home-made, wholefood meals including vegan options. Check out their “grab and go” section:


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a healthy snack and coffee you are after, make sure you track this cafe down.

You won’t be sorry you did.

Oh… and their coffee is awesome, in case you were wondering!

Over to You!

That’s it – our Top 5 Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes.  

Check them out and tell us what you think!  

5 Healthy Sunshine Coast Cafes to Make You Drool

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