5 Easy Stress Reduction Tips

Hands up who is stressed about being stressed??  In this post, we look at stress reduction – what causes stress, tips for reducing it.. and how to prevent it.

5 Easy Tips for Stress Reduction

Stress can come from many different avenues. It doesn’t have to mean there is conflict in your life or something major happening. It can come from a combination of things, such as;

  • Study
  • Family
  • Over exercising/under exercising
  • Over committing to people and projects
  • Busy lives
  • Chemical overload – in our diet and environment.
  • Social media

Our lives are so busy and fuller than ever.  We rush around, racing from work to home, ferrying children around, to social engagements, sports and recreational activities, whilst constantly receiving stimulus via our phones and grabbing food and coffee on the run.

Are you exhausted just reading that?  

What is stress?

Our nerve system is designed to keep us going, so the more demands we put on it the more chemicals it releases to get us to go, go, go.

This creates a huge amount of stress in our system.  Our adrenals become fatigued, our hormones get out of balance and there is only so long we can run before our body crashes.

Prolonged stress can create disease within the body and prematurely age us.  It is no longer something that we can put on the backburner.  We now need to actively ‘try to relax’ which sounds like a complete oxymoron.  “let’s add doing less to our to do list”.

A huge step in de-stressing is to….slow down!

So let’s take a look at 5 ways you can achieve stress reduction and better health overall:

5 tips for Stress Reduction:

Get started by trying just one of these stress reduction tips. Don’t try to do them all at once, but gradually introduce a new habit and you’ll have more chance of it sticking in your daily routine:

1 Commit to “Less”

This means less activities for the kids each term, less social engagements (pick the ones you actually have fun at not the ones you feel obliged to attend).

2  Delegate more

Ask for help where you can from your partner or your family.  Don’t try to do it all

3  Eat slowly

In our mad rush to eat our body doesn’t have time to register that we are full so we eat more.  We don’t stop and appreciate the taste and textures of food so we crave more and our gut isn’t receiving properly chewed food and has to work extra hard to digest what it receives.

And the big one, you knew was coming….

4  Unplug

We think we are having down time by scrolling through social media when we get a second away from work or the kids or in the ad break. We read emails on the toilet or articles before bed.

We think we are having down time by scrolling through social media when we get a second away from work or the kids or in the ad break. We read emails on the toilet or articles before bed.  It is not downtime.  It is bombarding our mind with constant stimulus and not giving it a chance to check out, or daydream or process thoughts for the day. Find a way to allocate quiet time in your head without the need for devices. 

Unplug for an hour/day/weekend and see how much more time you actually have.

You can find out more about being the dangers of texting and staring at screens here.

5  Get checked.

Make sure you get a check up for your body – joint and muscle tension can creep up on you and lead to bigger problems.

Ready to try some stress reduction tips?

Remember that you can talk to one of our Sunshine Coast Chiropractors at Family Wellness Chiropractic the next time you are in for a visit.

We are more than happy to help you with tips and tricks for getting into the habit of stress reduction!

Over to You – Let us know what works for you when it comes to stress reduction in your life!  

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