Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic

Every day at Family Wellness Chiropractic Mountain Creek, we get asked the same Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care.   

In this post, I answer our Top 5 FAQs. We hope it helps other patients who may be wondering the same thing but have not yet asked.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic

We hope you find the questions (and answers) informative and helpful to maybe answer some of the questions you may have about your health.  Or maybe it will help you to educate others who may ask the question “Why do you seek chiropractic care?”.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic (FAQs)

1  What results can I expect?

Every person’s experience is different. However, most people experience some degree of relief not long after starting chiropractic care. These benefits usually consolidate as care continues.

Timeframes are usually based on how long the problem has been developing for.  Through research, chiropractic care has been shown to be more effective and economical for disorders of the spine than other forms of health care.

2  Is chiropractic low-risk? 

Yes, Chiropractic is remarkably low-risk.  It is the result of a conservative approach to health that avoids invasive procedures or addictive drugs.

The Chiropractor’s Association of Australia describe the risks associated with chiropractic as follows, on their website:  Published studies and reports through the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme show that chiropractic is a low risk health modality. While chiropractic treatment is generally considered safe, occasionally it may cause adverse reactions in some people. Similar techniques by other practitioner groups who have the ability to practise restricted acts as defined by law, also demonstrate low risk and harm.

The techniques chiropractors use to adjust the spine are highly accurate, and mostly low force with the aim to improve spinal function.

A Chiropractor trains for 5 years at University to learn how to identify and correct misalignments of the spine that interfere with joint and muscle function.  Our Chiropractors on the Sunshine Coast are registered with AHPRA (a body of the Australian Government that monitors all health professionals).

Our chiropractors are required to regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep up to date with advances in chiropractic and healthcare.

In relation to the treatment of neck and back pain, studies have shown that a course of chiropractic care was 250 times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs*.

A risk assessment of cervical manipulation vs. NSAIDs for the treatment of neck pain.

If you have more questions about chiropractic, be sure to ask your chiropractor or one of our friendly staff on your next visit!

3  For how long will I need chiropractic care?

This is one of the most Frequently asked Questions about Chiropractic.

The answer to this depends on what you want from chiropractic care!

Many spinal problems neglected from childhood, may require ongoing supportive care for optimum spinal function. This is due to the long-term effects on local soft tissue, muscle weakening and degenerative changes.

People living stressful lives, being very active or seeking better health outcomes often find a schedule of preventative care to be optimal to support these lifestyle choices.

Some patients seek more symptomatic/crisis management type of care. This means they get adjusted only when the pain/symptoms become unbearable.

This choice is often more costly and time-consuming, but we aim to care for whoever walks through our front door.                                                                                                                                                                              

infant adjusting4  Will I require an X-Ray?

Your chiropractor will individually assess your spinal health and then, based on a your health history and physical examination, will determine whether an xray is required or not.

Based on your health history, we sometimes require further information to either determine the severity of a problem. This will also give us better information to provide the best care possible.

If X-rays are required, we will tell you the reason why and the type of scan required.

5  Do you need a referral from a GP?

A referral is not necessary from a GP, as chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners.

However more and more GP’s on the Sunshine Coast are referring to Chiropractors via the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). Ask your local GP for more information.

Over to You! 

That wraps up our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care.  

If you want to ask more information about any of these Questions (or to ask another one) then contact our friendly team at Family Wellness Chiropractic Mountain Creek on the Sunshine Coast!  

Our Chiropractors are happy to answer your questions anytime (who knows, maybe we will feature one of your questions in another blog post!).  

*1. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1995 Oct;18(8):530-6. A risk assessment of cervical manipulation vs. NSAIDs for the treatment of neck pain. Dabbs V, Lauretti WJ.

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