We empower you to thrive in life with chiropractic care

Restore your health, and be more active in a life you love!

Too often people are unable to live the life they love due to struggles with pain & mobility.

At Family Wellness, we believe in treating the underlying causes of your symptoms so you can lead a more active life.

You deserve the best Chiropractic Care.

Knowing how to get the best out of your body shouldn’t be a mystery. We help you to understand how your body works and what might underlie your symptoms. Experience why so many people on the Sunshine Coast are referred to us:

  • a warm, friendly team who genuinely care about you
  • experienced chiropractors and therapists
  • individualised care tailored to your specific needs
  • a wide range of treatment options

Meet Dr Gray

Dr Gray Moritz (B. Sc Master Chiro) has been practising on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years, providing a caring and understanding approach to your health needs.

Together with our caring and experienced team, we are here to help you feel supported in your health journey. Our clients are like family to us. We listen, we care and we want you to leave the practice feeling recharged on your journey to better spinal health and overall wellness.

Ready to Recharge & Restore your Health?

Whether it’s chiropractic care you need, or another health service at Family Wellness, our easy 3-step process will get you on started and on track to achieve your health goals:

1. Schedule appointment

Contact our team to schedule an initial appointment at your convenience – including evening appointments.

2. Get your care plan

We find the cause of your problems and tailor a plan of individualised treatment for you.

3. Begin to feel better

Start your chiropractic care to treat the cause of your symptoms, be more active and thrive in life.


At Family Wellness Chiropractic we believe everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

Families and individuals come to us for many reasons

With over 25 years servicing families on the Sunshine Coast, we see patients of all ages from birth to 99 years. Our team cares for your individualised needs, but we have a specific interest in pregnancy, birth and children, sports performance and emotional stress:

Pregnancy, Birth & Children
Chiropractic Care during pregnancy can help reduce pain, improve mobility and alignment to help make for an easier birth.

Sports Performance
Better alignment helps to improve athletic performance and lessen risk of injury and strain on the musculoskeletal system when performing.

Physical, Chemical & Emotional Stress
Different stressors can irritate the nervous system and inflammatory processes increasing pain and body dysfunction.

Healthy Spine, healthier life

Chiropractic is not a treatment for a specific symptom or disorder, but instead aims to create better balance and health in the whole body by improving spine and nervous system function.

As such, the underlying principle of chiropractic is “healthy spine, healthier life”. By offering drug-free spinal healthcare and lifestyle advice, chiropractors help Australians lead and maintain healthy lives, according to the ACA (Australian Chiropractor’s Association).

How we can help you…


We work with you to relieve pain and symptoms, and to ease dysfunction.


We address the underlying causes of your problem or chronic health problem.


We look at ways of preventing a reccurrence of the problem or dysfunction.


We seek to optimise overall function so it can be incorporated into healthy life choices to improve long term general health and wellbeing.